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Sylvie Carbonel performs with the actor Pierre Hentz in some plays about :
  • « Clara and Robert Schumann »
  • « The 1914-1918 War »
  • « Jacques Prévert »
  • « André Malraux »
Sylvie Carbonel plays in sonata with François Salque, cello
Sylvie Carbonel also plays with Michel Portal and Michel Lethiec, clarinet
Sylvie Carbonel performs with the actor Daniel Mesguich in a play about "Chopin, the ever lasting romantic composer", "Only La Fontaine but the whole La Fontaine".
Sylvie Carbonel plays four hands with Gerard Gasparian and Catherine Joly.
Sylvie Carbonel plays in duo with Mathieu de Laubier, barytone