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Sylvie Carbonel performs with the actor Pierre Hentz in some plays about :
  • « Clara and Robert Schumann »
  • « The 1914-1918 War »
  • « Jacques Prévert »
  • « André Malraux »
She also performs with Pierre Hentz the "The ever lasting Romanticism".
Sylvie Carbonel performs with the actor Daniel Mesguich in a play about "Chopin, the ever lasting romantic composer".
Sylvie performs in a play with Anny Duperey, about « Love Letters».
She plays in duet with the violonists Pierre Amoyal, Pierre Hommage, Patrice Fontanarosa, Svetlin Roussev, Olivier Charlier, Saskia Lethiec, Isabelle Flory, the cellists Frédéric Lodéon, Gary Hofmann, the clarinetists Michel Lethiec, Michel Portal, the flautists Alain Marion, Patrick Gallois, the violist Gérard Caussé.
Sylvie Carbonel plays 4 hands with Dana Ciocarlie and Gérard Gasparian.